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Privacy policy

This website does not collect any usage data, nor does it perform any tracking. It does not execute any client-side code and does not contain any analytics whatsoever. It’s purely built using HTML and CSS.

It is statically served by Cloudflare’s highly performant content delivery network. Cloudflare might collect some information about this website’s traffic, in order to keep its performance up and prevent potential problems that might arise.

Any emails that I receive are encrypted and securely stored by Protonmail.

This website also does not use or require any cookies.

Addendum for Applications

I take your privacy very seriously. If you have opted in to allow Apple to share information with developers, I receive some anonymous analytics.

In addition to Apple’s analytics I use TelemetryDeck to collect anonymous data. [TelementryDeck’s privacy policy can be found here.

I do not sell or rent your data, and the anonymous information is collected only for use in improving the app.