Marcel Voss

Ding dong

by Marcel on March 17, 2023

After almost three years without any post on this blog, I finally managed to post something and not only did I post a new article, I also transitioned this site from being built using John Sundell’s Swift-based Publish static site generator to the Go-based Hugo generator. 🎉

While I like Hugo and its maturity, I’m still torn as I enjoyed the way Publish used Swift for building the theme, defining the generation pipeline, as well as its integration of plugins for extending it. However, its development seems to have ceased and due to it lacking certain features compared to more mature generators (such as automatically reloading content when developing locally), it didn’t make sense to continue investing more time into trying to make it work for what I want. Although I’m happy I finally found the motivation for doing the transition, it was a main frustration point whenever I wanted to post something on here before.

Now though, this site has a working CI/CD pipeline, can be generated insanely fast, is being served by Cloudflare, and is significantly more enjoyable to publish on. I’m motivated to make this site high-quality. Before that, I mostly wanted to have some website. I didn’t care too much about its quality, because why should I? This is probably the first time in my career where I’m happy about my website. Tooling really makes a difference, people!